Educational Law to Change

U.S. District Judge Stephen P. Logan recently ruled the following: traumatized plaintiffs “adequately alleged that complex trauma and adversity can result in physiological effects constituting a physical impairment.” He refused to dismiss the case and instead demanded...

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Congratulations 2017 Brooklyn Graduates!

Congratulations to the graduates of the 2017 Melrose Healing Method™ SELF-REGULATION TRAINING™ FOR HEALING STRESS & TRAUMA The training took place in Brooklyn, NY over three separate three-day workshops and was supplemented by weekly video consultations over the past...

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What Is a Sensory Room & Why Does Every School Need One?

With life as fast and as stressful as it is in this technological age, and with anxiety at an all-time high, we need a safe place to take a break from it all! This is true for us as educators, parents, and practitioners, and is no less true for children of all ages,...

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Are You Experiencing Secondary Traumatic Stress?

What it is and What to do About It. As parents, educators, coaches, public servants, medical or mental health practitioners, we are subjected to the extreme stress involved in helping others. The people we help go through severe pain and struggle as human animals on...

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A Fun Tool for Summer: Dr. Reggie’s APP is Here!

If you want to feel good this summer, and I mean REALLY good…if you want to reset your nervous system to feel less anxious and stressed with fewer racing thoughts keeping you up at night, USE THIS APP. It’s so easy and fun. The set of audio tools available here will...

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Food Matters: Find 4 Tips for A Happier Brain and Body

Please see the documentary film, Food Matters. Its message is something we are ignoring at great cost: Our food has the power to cure us or kill us. When Hippocrates (460-370 B.C.) laid the foundation for modern medicine, he knew the human body had the innate capacity...

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