Education & Experience

Post-Doctoral Training (3 years) with Dr. Peter Levine in Neuroscience & Somatic Experiencing, San Diego, CA, 2000
Ph.D. Clinical Child & School Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, CAN, 1997
M.A. Developmental Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, CAN, 1993
B.A. Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, CAN, 1992B.A. Psychology, McGill University, Montreal, CAN, 1992

2008-2009 Adjunct Professor, Department of Educational Psychology, California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)
• Lecturing re: gestational, infant, toddler, child, and adolescent development with an emphasis on the brain and nervous system

2005- Author, Lecturer, and Consultant
• Writing, lecturing, and consulting re: current neuroscientific research, its educational implications, and its influence on the development of trauma healing approaches

2002- Psychoeducator/Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)
• Private practice psychoeducation work as stress and trauma healing specialist
• Somatic experiencing (SE)/self-regulation training (SRT) with children,
adolescents, and adults
• Consultation with educators & parents of children of all ages

1997-2005 School Psychologist, Long Beach Unified School District
• Psychoeducational assessment of children & adolescents
• Individual & group counseling re: bereavement, divorce, incarceration, anger
• Collaboration with mental health re: suicide assessment, emotional disturbance
• Participation in, and leadership of, multidisciplinary team meetings, i.e., SST, IEP
• Development & facilitation of emotional disturbance (ED) task force (1997-1999)
• Consultation with teachers and parents
• Leadership in professional development including training of LBUSD personnel
• Special assignments: ED coordinator (2001-2002) & ED consultant (2003-2004)

2000-2001 Mental Health Coordinator, Long Beach Unified School District
• Coordination of collaboration between L.A. County Department of Mental Health (DMH) and LBUSD
• Development of service delivery model, operational agreements, memorandums of understanding, collaboration protocol, all procedure including referral & crisis intervention processes, district documentation including referral, consent & accountability feedback forms
• Facilitation and mediation of working relationships between mental health service providers and educational staff as well as between DMH and LBUSD directors