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This app gives you access, right in your pocket, wherever you go, to a guided sensory toolkit for developing greater self-regulation. These are the companion audio files to both The 60 Seconds Fix and Brain Charge: The K-12 Curriculum by Dr. Reggie Melrose. You’ll receive gentle reminders to keep practicing and to stay connected to additional materials, tools and resources from Dr. Reggie.

The Most Important Turn-On of Your Life: 5 Critical Facts

Fact #1: Turning on the vagus nerve heals physical disease and mental strife. Vagus nerve stimulation has been shown to improve conditions such as: anxiety disorder, heart disease, tinnitus, obesity, alcohol addiction, migraines, Alzheimer's, leaky gut, bad blood...

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Does a Healthy Lifestyle Equal Health?

If I were to ask people on the street what an objective definition of a healthy lifestyle is, they would likely answer that it has to do with  eating healthy food and exercising, getting good sleep, drinking lots of water, and finding a balance between work life and...

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There’s Nothing Wrong With You

BEST title of an article I have seen in ages: "You Don't have a Disorder.... You have Feelings!" Isn't it true that we have become a generation that believes we are supposed to feel good (or be happy) all of the time, and if we don't, something is wrong with us? On an...

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