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This app gives you access, right in your pocket, wherever you go, to a guided sensory toolkit for developing greater self-regulation. These are the companion audio files to both The 60 Seconds Fix and Brain Charge: The K-12 Curriculum by Dr. Reggie Melrose. You’ll receive gentle reminders to keep practicing and to stay connected to additional materials, tools and resources from Dr. Reggie.

There’s Nothing Wrong With You

BEST title of an article I have seen in ages: "You Don't have a Disorder.... You have Feelings!" Isn't it true that we have become a generation that believes we are supposed to feel good (or be happy) all of the time, and if we don't, something is wrong with us? On an...

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Educational Law to Change

U.S. District Judge Stephen P. Logan recently ruled the following: traumatized plaintiffs “adequately alleged that complex trauma and adversity can result in physiological effects constituting a physical impairment.” He refused to dismiss the case and instead demanded...

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