Brain Charge


Educators Learn How to PREVENT

as well as RESPOND EFFECTIVELY to Students’:

  • Poor test performance;
  • Stress & anxiety (test anxiety, school phobia; panic);
  • Hyperactivity & distractibility (ADHD, ADD);
  • Opposition & defiance (ODD);
  • Peer abuse (bullying);
  • Posttraumatic stress;
  • Absenteeism;
  • Crises;
  • Acting-out behaviors;
  • Discipline issues;
  • Aggression & violence;
  • Risk for drop-out;
  • Mental health issues (cutting, eating disorders, suicide, sexual acting-out).

Please visit Dr. Reggie’s resume under the “About” page of her website for a full list of trainings she has given.

Overview of  a Training Day with Dr. Reggie:


Dr. Reggie begins by leading an experiential exercise of the most effective way to prevent and intervene with our greatest challenges as educators. The tools she demonstrates are for all of us. They quickly decrease the stress that is interfering with everyone’s best performance, teachers and students alike. She explains what we need to know about brain development and brain functioning in order to understand our students (and ourselves) better. How and why we misunderstand a growing number of our students and intervene with them without long-term results becomes clear.


The introduction is followed by a succinct and interactive discussion on all the ways we can be working with students in a slightly different manner in order to get the long-term results we are looking for. Details are provided that highlight the most efficacious interventions, including tools, strategies and resources for all our students, including those that are particularly challenging. All information presented is based on the latest scientific findings.


Although the training is interactive, involving audience participation from the beginning, Dr. Reggie leaves time at the end for additional questions and answers, as well as for reviewing the resources she has created for follow-through.

FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATIONS are recommended but not necessary.


Costs vary depending on time commitment. Please contact Dr. Reggie at to discuss specifics.