APPLE has declared that CALM is the 2017 APP of the year. It is #1 for bringing clarity, joy and peace into your daily life. Download the CALM APP now and start unwiring out of your brain the effects of the build up of stress ad trauma from the school year. We need to take care of ourselves better, and we’re not getting to the gym and yoga classes or meditation groups as much as we try. We’re too busy juggling all the balls in the air!
Right there on your phone you will be guided to learn to slow down the mind and body, even if for just a few minutes in the moment. I can’t tell you how medicinal it is to be able to do that. When we are able to slow down the mind and body, intermittently, when we can, we lower the stress hormones that interfere with our capacity to enjoy our lives. We release the happier neurochemicals of serotonin and dopamine. Combine CALM with your grounding tools from 60 Seconds and you will have wired into your nervous system by the beginning of the new school year the neural pathways you need to have a better year ahead.
Guided meditations, breathing programs, sleep stories, and relaxing music are helping millions experience less anxiety and better sleep. Don’t miss out when it’s this easy.
I prefer this APP to others because of how great it is for beginners, and because it includes plenty of exercises for people who are more experienced. Lengths of guided meditations are anywhere from 3 to 25 minutes so you can choose whatever you need in the moment you’re in.
It’s been quite a year, my friends. I know I need CALM this summer. I want to recharge in the deepest most profound way possible. Not just on the surface but deep down into my nervous system so that the changes last. CALM and 60 Seconds together create that lasting change.


Happy summer everybody.