Please see the documentary film, Food Matters. Its message is something we are ignoring at great cost: Our food has the power to cure us or kill us.

When Hippocrates (460-370 B.C.) laid the foundation for modern medicine, he knew the human body had the innate capacity for self-healing. He demonstrated that all we needed to do was create the proper nutritional conditions, and healing would take place naturally, easily, even quickly! His Hippocratic oath is still taken by medical doctors today and yet doctors in training are not reminded of what Hippocrates brilliantly decreed:

“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food.”

I put the film to the test: Every day, I began consuming two generous handfuls of raw CASHEWS (Tip #1) and began to realize that I was no longer waking up with my usual dread. Some of you may know the dread I refer to. I hope not. But if, like me, you have unwanted, unwilled ill feelings first thing in the morning, you know it’s not easy getting up and starting the day. In spite of all my tools – and thank goodness for those too – I have been blown away by the effectiveness of cashews. No more dread!

I have also been completely healed of the painful inflammation throughout my body with TURMERIC (Tip #2). It’s not hype, I’m telling you. Food is our medicine and it is healing me.

I’m attaching here a very important Ted talk that gives ample evidence of the power of nutrition to heal various mental illnesses including Bipolar Disorder. We have long known the healing power of particular VITAMINS AND NUTRIENTS IN HIGH DOSES (Tip #3) to heal medical and mental conditions but rather than utilize this wisdom for cost effective curing of disease, we give a “pill for every ill” and worsen the very conditions we target. Please watch this clip to see how compelling the evidence is.


Malnourishment combined with our stressful lifestyle is what causes the majority of ills today. The medications we wish would give us an easy solution to this problem are not working in the long run for too many of us. We must begin to ELIMINATE TOXIC PROCESSED, FRIED, AND FAST FOODS AND REPLACE THEM WITH FOODS IN THEIR NATURAL FORM (Tip #4), perfectly seasoned of course.

It comes down to good boundaries, doesn’t it? “No, I won’t put that toxic food in my body. It makes me sore, tired, and moody.” It also comes down to loving ourselves, “Yes, I want that nutritious, colorful vegetable bowl because it’s loaded with the nutrients that will make my brain and body work really well for me, and I matter.”