By now, we have all heard of the ACE Study or Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, and how it has informed recent lawsuits filed against school districts. With such lawsuits, landmark first steps have been taken to insure that all American educators learn to meet the unique educational needs of students affected by trauma.

But what is trauma? This is often the first way we make grave errors that inadvertently make things worse in our classrooms. We don’t understand what trauma is, how it changes the brain, and how these brain changes affect learning and behavior. Without such knowledge, we don’t know why we are not getting desired outcomes. We get frustrated at how difficult our job is becoming, even hopeless that things will only get worse and not better.

It doesn’t have to be that way and, in fact, is NOT that way for a growing number of school districts across the country. Trauma-sensitive schools are faring well! Once we understand and accept that the majority of the students we are trying to teach have experienced trauma – regardless of their socioeconomic status (read the ACE Study for more on that), and that brain changes have occurred as a result, we get to learn how to be different. A change in understanding and responding is bringing about tremendous success for us as educators, as well as our students. These changes are happening with the trauma-informed care now provided in schools from Washington State to Kansas City to Lee’s Summit, Missouri to Boston, Massachusetts. Attendance is increasing by 83%! Number of fights is decreasing by 75%! Graduation rates are climbing five-fold!

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