The New York Times recently published an article stating that 80% of all psychiatric medicine administered to children and adolescents is not approved by the FDA for the purpose it is being used. The article positions that pharmaceutical companies are using free speech as a tool to market drugs for unapproved uses and the courts are allowing them to do so. Dr. Margaret Hamburg, who recently left the FDA as its commissioner, stated that, “recent court decisions could erode the FDA approval process – put in place to protect the public – and threaten public health and patient safety.”

Fifteen-year-old Andrew Francesco, now brain-dead, is a case in point. He was put on Ritalin at age 5 and by the age of 15, on Seroquel. One Friday he was well enough to go to school, and by that Sunday he was in a vegetative state. His father, himself a pharmaceutical industry insider, wrote the memoir, “Overmedicated and Undertreated,” in part to warn us that pharmaceutical companies systematically put profits above public well-being. He also shared in the book that though a medication did help him, animal therapy in the form of a dog, seemed to help him more.

There are beautiful, natural ways of healing the ailments we face, no matter what our age or condition. As these natural ways of healing become more accessible, more simplified, more practical, and more effective, I urge you to give them a try to notice the difference they create in you. Many of you know my passion for shedding light on the misdiagnosis and overmedication of our planet. I don’t want to hear any more stories like Andrew Francesco’s. I inform you instead, of quick, easy tools that work. No side effects. No cost. No dependence on anything outside of you for a fix. We now know how to heal completely from the inside out, 60 seconds at a time. Join us on this tremendously rewarding path of healing with ease, and have a great holiday season.