I mean it. Be grumpy. Be lazy. Be negative. Be all that you are and know that all of what we are in any given moment is part of what it means to be alive, to be real, and to tell the truth. Welcome to the human race, or more accurately, welcome to our unique clan. We are homo sapiens, a species on a planet with a powerfully hard-wired brain for negativity, laziness, and fierce survival. Of course that’s not the whole story, but I truly believe that until we are alleviated of the shame we feel when our negativity, laziness, and animalistic survival behaviors show up, we will stay stuck in their control of us, rather than our control of them.
In all the work I’ve had the privilege of doing with students in schools, clients in private practice, within my own family and with myself, I have experienced the power of understanding, normalizing and accepting these more frustrating parts of who we can be sometimes. That is not easy to do without tools that get well practiced into our brain and body. With the stabilizing support of the kinds of tools available to us now, it is getting easier for more of us to shift our self-condemning thoughts and jumpy insides to more compassion and calm. There is NOTHING compassion and calm can’t cure, I am telling you emphatically, absolutely NOTHING!
Calm inside our skin can be defined as lower heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones that together allow for the elevation of serotonin, dopamine, GABA, and other happy-making brain chemistry. An inner state of calm allows us to feel more compassion towards ourselves, and as an outgrowth of that, compassion for others. I know I don’t need to tell you how bringing all of this to the work we do as teacher, parent, leader, helper, lover, in any setting we can think of, will dissolve the problem and quite naturally instigate the solution, regardless of the specifics of the problem. Don’t believe me? Conduct your own experiment utilizing the tools I am talking about for just 60 seconds a day everyday, and at the end of 21-28 days, let me know what you began to notice happening in your mind, body, and spirit. Let me make this easy for you by providing a free link to my 60 Seconds audio.