In response to the many requests I have received from clients, students, and audience members, I have created several audio resources to meet our need for stress reduction given our lifestyle. We are constantly on the go and needing to get done the tasks of the day. However, if our schedule and pace get in the way of our health and well being, we won’t be getting tasks done for very long or very well.With these new resources, there is no need for us to ignore our need to lower our stress as we knock off everything on our to-do list. Doesn’t that feel good? Throughout the day, we get to get all of our stuff done AND feel relief from the stress of it all!The 60 Seconds Fix is now an audiobook, a series of CDs we can play in the car or anywhere else we like to listen. It is my voice expressively leading us through all the tools that quickly reset our nervous system for greater calm and focus no matter what we’re about to face.

Three new quick MP3 downloads are also available now in the STORE

1) An 8-minute instructional (my voice) guiding us through the steps of 60 Seconds so we can easily learn and practice greater self-regulation;

2) The 60-second version of 60 Seconds so we can experience how easily the tools ground us in a minute or less;

3) A 30-minute version of 60 Seconds because the longer we are able to sit in the experience of a calmer more grounded nervous system, the stronger our neural pathways become for automatic responsiveness rather than reaction we later regret.

So next time you find yourself waiting somewhere, put on your headset and see how much more patient you become while listening to the 60 Seconds!