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The 60 Seconds Fix is now a best-selling book on Amazon! Check out the reviews on Amazon to hear readers describe in detail its effectiveness. It’s for ANYONE ANYWHERE ANYTIME. Dr. Reggie gives us five little tools in one little minute, based on current neuroscience, to help us lead more joyful, less stressed lives.

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“The skeptic in me wasn’t ready to accept a “60 seconds fix.” Then I tried it for myself and it worked!”
Krishna Pendyala, Author of “Beyond the Pig and the Ape: Realizing Success and True Happiness”
“Prepare to love its simplicity”
-Mama Marlaine, Author of “Kissing the Mirror: Raising Humanity in the
Twenty-First Century”
Melrose cuts out the hours of study and training and presents ideas that
cut to the chase. A fun and refreshing way to become as productive as you
want to be!”

– Warren Whitlock, Business Growth Advisor