Eliminate your discipline referrals with 60 Seconds! The most recent data shows that in a ninth grade history class, there was an 87% decrease in behavioral redirection for mild to moderate disruptions. The teacher went from giving 47 disciplinary redirects per month to only 6 after the students learned and practiced 60 Seconds daily. The first signs of this dramatic decrease occurred within the first week of utilizing 60 Seconds. In the more severe disciplinary category, the incidence of referrals to the principal’s office decreased 100%, from 3 to 0 per month.

Furthermore, in an elementary special education class, 69% of students were either Proficient or Advanced Proficient in subtraction before 60 Seconds. After learning and practicing 60 Seconds daily for two months, 89% of students became either Proficient or Advanced Proficient in subtraction. In multiplication, before 60 Seconds, 61.4% of students were either Proficient or Advanced Proficient. After 60 Seconds, 76.8% became either Proficient or Advanced Proficient in multiplication.

The plan was that I would have third grade results for you. However, my identified control group did not stop themselves from learning and practicing 60 Seconds. Word was out around the school about its effectiveness and everybody wanted to be a part of it. I guess I can’t complain about that.

After one school year of collecting data from 259 students and teachers combined, the overall effectiveness of 60 Seconds has been demonstrated. In many cases, after only one use of 60 Seconds, it was not unusual for participants to report up to a 70% increase in calm and focus, with a corresponding decrease in perceived stress and tension. Stay tuned for dramatic video testimonials from students and educators across North America, and the release of my first foray into mainstream. Look for The 60 Seconds Fix on Amazon.com December 8th.