…..The teachers of students using the 60 Seconds from Brain Charge have reported that their test scores go up when they use the tool. As most of you know students have been practicing their examination skills to prepare for standardized testing. Students use 60 Seconds before they take the test and any time they feel their anxiety increasing. This simple addition to their practice, has improved the students’ scores, according to teacher reports. Administrators have been duly impressed with these results and recently one stated that, “The impact it has on the room is amazing to see. It truly helps students to become refocused.”
…..To learn more about 60 Seconds and why it is so effective, simply read the K-12 curriculum Brain Charge or come to one of my talks. I will be speaking in Halifax, Nova Scotia at The Emergent Learner Conference this Thursday, April 18th, and the following Thursday, April 25th in Anaheim, CA. California friends and colleagues, feel free to contact me through my website if you would like to be part of next Thursday’s event. DISCOUNTED FEES are available through me.