Brain Charge, the K-12 curriculum that increases sensory awareness for self-regulation and student achievement, is currently in several schools in both the U.S. and Canada. The aim of the program is to make it easy and fun for teachers AND their students to reduce stress and increase success. Other programs and curricula offer the same reward yet can be more time-consuming than is pragmatic for the everyday classroom teacher. For example, research is supporting mindfulness meditation in schools, a brain-training technique based on using your breath to achieve mental clarity. However, my passion and mission with Brain Charge is to demonstrate that this can be achieved in far less time and much more practical ways. Preliminary evidence of Brain Charge indicates that it takes only “60 Seconds” to reduce stress and feel the good feelings that propel our best performance, students and educators alike.


“60 Seconds” is one of the many seconds-long tools included in Brain Charge. Just last week, with the staff of Focus High School at the beginning of the day, everyone did the “60 Seconds” after rating their level of stress and tension in that moment. After one little minute of using the tool from Brain Charge, the staff filled out the rating scale again and reported an overall decrease in stress and tension of 20 per cent! In just sixty seconds, teachers went from feeling moderately stressed and tense to mildly so, BEFORE meeting with their students. The same result was obtained with some of the staff at Macdonald High School, who met on their lunch hour to do the “60 Seconds.” Again, teachers were able to reduce their stress and tension by just over 20 per cent with the use of the tool. Knowing what we do, from decades of important research, about how stress hijacks the part of the brain responsible for learning and adaptive behavior, a quick tool that gets this part of the brain back in gear is completely called for in education. More and more students AND teachers are reporting alarming levels of stress that interfere with their capacity to perform their best. We can change this for the better right now in a way that is simple, easy, and fun.


Here is what students are saying about the “60 Seconds” tool: I can’t remember the last time I felt this good; this is something I can really use; this has changed my life. Students report feeling more “calm, relaxed, and focused” after just 60 seconds. In numerous anecdotal cases, the tool has dramatically decreased test anxiety and raised academic scores. More data to come with teachers AND students so stay tuned…Join the Brain Charge movement today and bridge the gap between what science knows and what education does. Purchase your copy of Brain Charge at for only 99 dollars.