SELF-REGULATION is the single most important foundational capacity for all of learning and adaptive behavior. So how do we ensure that every student possess it? BRAIN CHARGE, the new K-12 curriculum, does just that. Self-regulation in our students eradicates bullying, violence, anger, aggression, substance abuse, cutting, promiscuity, teen pregnancy, excessive video gaming, and so many other concerns of our time. Simply and with ease we may now adopt the specific tools necessary to develop and sustain the self-regulatory state so essential to both achievement and joy! The curriculum, subtitled, “Sensory Awareness for Student Achievement,” is full of diagrams, scripts, tools, checklists, and activities, most of which take only SECONDS to do. If you want to see changes in your classroom environment quickly, this program is what you need. It is based on all current neuroscience, to support you in your desire to stop doing what you know isn’t working. Right now you don’t know what else to do. Brain Charge gives you step by step directions on what else to do! Everything you need in order to see and be the difference you’ve been wanting is right here in this program. No one wants to have the same old year as last…this will radically change your teaching experience to create more joy, fun, and success than ever before. Learn more about Brain Charge at my website DrMelrose.com and order your copy today!