Students are not just angrier today than ever before, they are checked out, shut down, disengaged, unmotivated, and violent towards themselves and others. They go from zero (zoned out) to ten (raging) and back down to zero within a space of a few minutes multiple times throughout the day. It behooves us as educators and parents. We don’t know where the behavior comes from or what we can do about it and, because of that, our high school drop out rates are at a staggering incline, as are rates of mental health disorders and suicide in both children and adolescents. Join me online to understand who our students are today, how their brain works optimally, and how we can prevent all the challenges we face as we try to educate our youth. When faced with that shut down or angry student, learn what the most time-efficient, practical, and successful choices are that we can make.

This is the talk I give to educators and parents across North America. So often audience members share their frustration that their colleagues and loved ones weren’t in attendance to experience it. Teachers tell me, “My administrators need to hear this!” Administrators tell me their superintendent and government officials need to hear it. Now everyone can at a fraction of the cost of my live speaking fee. Ideally, I train the staff of schools and school districts in person, but that is not affordable for many in today’s economy with the budget cuts we face. The online seminar is my response to that reality as I continue to do all I can to spread the all-too-important word on how to save our world one student at a time, and in the process, save ourselves. Please register today as an individual or group at