Hi Friends,

Exciting news:

1) MOST IMPORTANTLY: Visit https://drmelrose.com/ and enter your email address to receive updates of my latest blogs full of tips, tools and inspiration for how we can all do our part to change the upbringing and education of our children for the better. This is how I can keep you informed of my movement to stop the testing madness of No Child Left Behind.

2) I am now an Online Course! Please send every educator you know to http://onlinestaffdevelopment.com/SAS/CourseHome.aspx to register for Succeeding with Angry Students and Those Who Just Don’t Care. It is an excellent recording of the talk I give across North America – at a fraction of the cost – that has been evaluated by hundreds of educators as the most life-changing and important seminar they have ever attended. It is not only an inspirational message, it is also full of practical tools that are currently saving children’s lives.

3) I am giving a rare, FREE local talk on Saturday, June 4th from 9:30-11:30am at Maple Village School (4017 E. 6th St.) in Long Beach, CA. The topic is Kids Who Love to Learn: The Importance of Understanding their Hearts, Minds and Brains. Be sure to bring your friends, family and neighbors. We will be talking about how to preserve in our children a lifelong love of learning despite the state of our educational system today.

Please forward this email to everyone you know. The flyer for my local talk is attached. See you on June 4th!