What an inspiring announcement and momentous occasion for education everywhere! A 100 million dollar challenge grant has been given to the city of Newark to help its educational system become a beacon of hope and possibility for the entire country. I know without a doubt that with Governor Christie and Mayor Booker leading the way, we will finally see the kind of reform to our schools that we have needed for decades.

While the wait has been long, in one way, the timing couldn’t be better. It is only in the last 20 years with the development of MRIs and other sophisticated measures that we have been able to learn more precisely how the brain learns best. We can now apply this new and timely research to the re-development of our nation’s educational system. In fact we are ripe for it. Preparation has met opportunity! If Newark pays attention to the neuroscience, especially with regard to the effects of stress and trauma on the brain, learning, and behavior, then we will see every child, each and every day, experience the kind of success they have deserved all these years but were denied. I, for one, want to know what I can do to help! Put me to work, Newark! I’ve been preparing for your mission for nearly 20 years! Congratulations and God bless.