There are 3 important first steps for YOU to take when trying to heal a child:

1. Feel your feet on the ground. You may think I’m kidding. I’m not. The first step to take any time a child is in front of you struggling as they may be, triggering you as they may do, is to stand firmly on the ground and feel it. Feel yourself connected to the floor, to the ground, to the earth, and just watch what happens next…

2. Breathe. When you feel your feet on the ground and really notice your connection to the earth beneath you, you will breathe… deeply. When you breathe, be sure to breathe in through your nose and fill your belly up with air. We know from important neuroscience that when we breathe in through the nose and fill the belly up with air, we powerfully stimulate what’s called the parasympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system. When we do, a deeply calming response is ushered in us, and from that state, healing is possible.

3. Notice. Simply begin to notice, without criticism of yourself or the child, notice how separate the two of you actually are. You are not this little person in front of you. He or she is not you. Notice with compassion how he or she is struggling in his or her own skin, and that sometimes there is very little we can do. In fact, many times, the less we do, and the more we simply let ourselves BE…the more we are grounded and breathing calmly, the less damage we do, and the quicker our child “finds their way back home.”

Please follow these steps and be the safe place the child in front of you wants to come back home to. Learn more in my upcoming teleseminar Thursday, April 29th. Talk to you then!