Parents and educators everywhere, please visit the website, find the film, see it, sign the petition, and join the movement. You will save your own children and children everywhere from a nationwide educational system that isn’t working for anyone. Teachers no longer love their jobs, children no longer love to learn, and the price we are paying as a culture and a society is higher than we can imagine. We haven’t seen the worst of the fallout from “No Child Left Behind,” but it is coming, and it will astound us.

Not only are children burning out from too much too soon, they are dropping out, and worse still, they are literally killing themselves in numbers we haven’t seen in decades. Too few of us are paying attention to the effects of the stress and pressure our children face, and fewer still are doing anything about it. But we can! Our hands are NOT tied! We can say, “Enough!” We can stop buying into a system that doesn’t work. We can rise up in our schools, in our districts, and as voters to put an end to “teaching to the test.” We can say, “No!” to homework packets in Kindergarten and beyond, especially when we educate ourselves about the fact that there is NO correlation between homework and achievement! None!

What we are doing is not only NOT working, it is HURTING our most precious resources. Please, pay attention to your children. Notice the effects of too much stress and pressure in their lives. Stop over-scheduling. Stop with the homework. Start with more rest, more play, more time as a family and TRUST. KNOW that healthy, happy children who are with us, engaged in life and learning, truly LEARNING is what we will have when we care more about their ability to think critically, outside the box, with creativity and passion, rather than their ability to pass a test. Please learn more at