My heart is aching a little more than usual this week. Another reminder of the fatal effects of stress and trauma in children leaves me feeling more committed than ever to delivering the message I do. As parents and teachers, we can prevent such a loss. Young children need nothing less than we do to experience well-being – a sense of belonging, that we matter to someone, that we have value, a meaningful role to play, a contribution to make. We all need experiences of success and mastery to feel capable, competent, and good enough just the way we are. We also need to feel connected in a positive way to other people, nature, animals, and a community that cares. When these needs are not met, the effects of our unavoidably stressful lives take over, leaving us disheartened, demoralized, even despondent. This happens no matter what age we are. Young children’s lives are no less stressful than our own, and as parents and teachers, we need to get real about that. Once we do, we can be there for them in just the way they need. Through a safe relationship with us that communicates that we see them, who they really are, and what they’re really going through, we communicate that we get them, that we understand. Just that can help to balance out the effects of stress and trauma on the brain and nervous system and give our children hope for tomorrow. Please join me in ending the unnecessary suffering of children by reading my books, hearing me speak on youtube, and coming to one of my talks. You’ll see how simple it is to be a powerfully healing force in a child’s life. Thank you.