Today is the 10th anniversary of Columbine: April 20, 2009. I hope we will remember Littleton, Colorado and that tragic day when 15 lives were taken so violently, and dozens of others who survived were changed forever by the experience. Since then we have learned a great deal more about what can lead to such disturbing acts of terror. We have learned, for example, that 75% of all school shooters were the victims of bullying. We were finally forced to take the traumatic effects of bullying and other peer abuse seriously. What I fear hasn’t been taken seriously enough, however, is the critical nature of intervening as EARLY as possible with all forms of violence that undermine our children’s safety. There are very specific ways to intervene effectively with our children at home, as parents, and with students in schools, as educators, to promote the peace and well-being needed for ultimate achievement and success. Please read my books You Can Heal Your Child and Why Students Underachieve (available at to learn more.