It felt good to wear my pink shirt today and ask my college students – future teachers – to remember this day when their students are looking up to them, to be sure not only to commemorate the day each year, but also to live its meaning all days of the year in their classroom and beyond. One client I worked with today is the parent of a victim of bullying. His 9-year-old son now lives with the pain and shame of having been abused by his peers since his first day of Kindergarten, whose nightmare hasn’t ended yet. Any one of us, whether or not we are in a leadership position, can encourage others to join in on taking a stand against bullying, racism, and any other form of peer abuse. To those of you who understand its far-reaching consequences for all of us in this interconnected society we live in, and who took that stand today, thank you for doing your part. We will eradicate the effects of abuse and every other form of trauma, and we will do it one enlightened act at a time.