1. Knowing that parents are stressed in these tough economic times, is it safe to say that our children are experiencing that stress as well? How? What might they be experiencing as children?

The best way I have come to help others understand how children experience the stress around them is this: Imagine you are walking through the woods. It’s a beautiful day. It’s quiet. You’re all alone, and you feel at peace. Suddenly, you hear a branch break. The silence is broken and you wonder what could have caused it. You orient to the area where the sound came from. You become solely focused, scanning the environment, sensing that something is wrong and you could be in danger. The key word here is sense. You feel a tightness in your throat perhaps, quivering knees, butterflies in the stomach. When your brain and body feel that they may be in danger, it is a sensory experience. The oldest part of our brain – the reptilian or animal brain – is communicating to us through its language – sensations – in order to warn us that we may be under threat and may have to fight for our survival. For children, this economic crisis and the stress it invokes within their home is that branch breaking in the woods.

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