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Survey Says, “Self-Criticism Kills:” So How Do We Stop?

We all have an inner critic, some of us worse than others. The voice that from inside our own mind broods self-destructively and morbidly ruminates over negative perceptions of self. Some link this human tendency to early and unpleasant childhood experiences that... read more

Reporting on “Drugs, Greed and a Dead Boy”

The New York Times recently published an article stating that 80% of all psychiatric medicine administered to children and adolescents is not approved by the FDA for the purpose it is being used. The article positions that pharmaceutical companies are using free... read more

How to Succeed with E.D. Students in your Classroom!

Receive $150 Worth of Resources When You Register Before Monday Many of you know I am not a fan of labels. Least of all “Emotionally Disturbed.” Whether identified as such or not, however, there is a growing number of youth who struggle with emotional... read more